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Gemeenschap Chemin Neuf – Katholieke Gemeenschap met een oecumenische roeping


Ku Jericho

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Renovation of the Gabriel Balet Centre

The Chemin Neuf Community arrived in Chad in 2006 at the request of the Bishop of Moundou, Bishop Joachim KOURALEYO TAROUNGA. The Moundou region has a Christian majority.
The Community has taken over the running of the Gabriel Balet Centre in Ku Jericho in the vicinity of Moundou (15 km), a diocesan retreat and training centre which also receives couples (the Cana mission) and young people (the youth mission).


In order to increase the capacity of the Gabriel Balet Training Centre (the accommodation of youth or parish groups, generally for a weekend), a building has been constructed with two dormitories, one for boys, one for girls, plus sanitary facilities and a kitchen.



The other buildings, which were erected 15 years ago using poor quality materials, are in need of renovation and modification.

It is necessary to renovate completely:


  •  the roofs
  •  the ceilings
  •  the plumbing
  •  the drainage system.


For this 23,000 € is needed. A donation of 5,000 € has been received so there remains 18,000 € to be found.

Thank you for helping the Gabriel Balet Centre to offer good accommodation to those who wish to come for a period of Christian training.


                     Picnic for the choir!                                                                                                                                               Training day for couples


Plan :

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