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Gemeenschap Chemin Neuf – Katholieke Gemeenschap met een oecumenische roeping


“Net for God” films

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Support us in the production of these films which help to provide training on subjects related to Peace and Unity between Christians, peoples and nations. Each film has a budget of between 20,000 and 60,000 € (depending on the subject matter and how it is presented). Please support us.

Net for God:

  • films for evangelisation
  • a network of prayer for the UNITY of CHRISTIANS and for PEACE in the WORLD





Net for God has, since 2000, been suggesting to all who are interested that they should to PRAY AND WORK FOR UNITY AND PEACE between our churches and our nations.




    With Father Pedro in Madagascar 
with the Dominican Sisters of Bethany
while filming the work of Father Lataste


We have accepted as an urgent call, the vision that the Abbé Couturier expressed in 1944:
“If each Thursday evening, in weekly commemoration of the Great Thursday, an ever growing multitude of Christians of all denominations were to form an immense network encircling the earth, like a vast invisible monastery in which all were absorbed into Christ's prayer for unity, would that not be the dawn of Christian Unity breaking upon the world?”


Net for God is this network of prayer, of Christian teaching, of fellowship throughout the world with

  • A monthly 30 minute film in 20 languages, on themes related to peace and unity in the world.
  • 650 places where groups meet once per month – referred to as “Net for God groups” – which are open to all denominations – and all ages - of Christians, spread over 66 counties, in order to:

- watch the film

- share about the filmin small groups

- pray together for peace and unity in the world.

You are welcome to join a Net for God group without any commitment!

Find all the Net for God films by theme or by title.


Ubuntu - ik ben omdat ik behoor

Toegang tot de films van NET FOR GOD De video's kopen bij de webshop van AME
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